About The Academic Accelerator

As part of NMU's Division of Extended Learning and Community Engagement, Invent@NMU has expanded its services to include assisting faculty and staff with research regarding the development of new academic programs.

Academic Accelerator Services

We understand that creating a new academic credential, whether it is an undergraduate major, a graduate program, or a certificate can be a time consuming process, especially in the early stages when you need to evaluate existing competition and student demand.

That's where we can help! Utilizing multiple databases, we collect vital market statistics and compile a complete report that includes data points on job growth, salary estimates, competing educational programs (including their course offerings), and other vital information that can support and supplement your academic program proposal.

Please check back often to learn about new Accelerator services as this initiative continues to evolve.

How the Academic Accelerator Process Works

To engage with our team please send an email to accelerator@nmu.edu and set up your first meeting.

During this initial meeting, we will ask you to provide information about your proposed program. While it is not necessary to complete any work prior to this meeting, you are welcome to share any supporting material you have compiled.

Afterwards, our team will get to work on creating your report; this typically takes 2-4 weeks to complete. As research wraps up we will schedule a "deliverable meeting," during which we will preset our findings to you.

At this point, our engagement in the process ends and you may use the data and report as you see fit. However, we are happy to complete additional research in support of your program proposal on an as-needed basis.