How the process works

We start by conducting a FREE Quick Explore™. When you are with us in our office, you will see the results in approximately 15-20 minutes.  You can also submit your information online (click the links above) and we will get back to you within two business days.

We have a unique five step process, which is pictured below.

Your participation in our program is not restricted to this process. We are here for when you need us- and at any step of the way. If you have a manufactured product but need to raise awareness for your concept through design and public relations services, we’re your team. Feel like you’re capable of marketing efforts but need assistance building a prototype? We’ve got your engineers. Place a work order with us for your desired needs and we will only provide the exact services you sign off on.


We don’t want to take credit, we want to make sure you succeed. You own every product, design, and name you bring through our doors, as well as the ones we create for you. Confidentiality is important to our business. From Validation to Operations, your ideas are protected by every Invent@NMU and SmartZone employee.