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Posted January 10, 2018


Dr. Brian Kulbieda has always had a constant interest in health, and wanted to make a difference in anyone’s life he could. This enthusiasm led him to starting his own chiropractic practice, Axis Chiropractic, in Marquette. As an active athlete since high school, he is aware of how important it is to maintain good spinal health and recover properly from an injury. Dr. Kulbieda found inspiration for the Posture Plank from a 70 year old client with perfect posture. The women told him a story about how her father made her walk around with a broomstick behind her back so she would learn to stand up straight. Instead of a broomstick, Dr. Kulbieda imagined a comfortable and sleek wooden design for a posture gauge that anyone can use; an athlete, child, or even someone bent over a desk all day.

“I’m a busy person, having my own practice and a family, so with Invent it allowed me to take my product forward while I maintained my hectic life.” Dr. Kulbieda was thrilled with the experience he had going through Invent@NMU’s program and the students he encountered during the process. “The win-win of it all was being able to work with students who also learn along the way, who take this idea and help me put it onto the market.” He was able to channel his occupational passion into an entrepreneurial opportunity with Invent@NMU’s assistance, creating a practical product that has the ability to change lives.