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Posted February 13, 2018

Webber Construction and Fabrication

Webber Construction and Fabrication designs and fabricates specialty machines for light construction and homeowner use. Founded by Gray Webber over 30 years ago as a general and mechanical contracting company, he has taken his experience and education to branch out into design and fabrication. His years of practical experience has allowed him to evaluate his designs and refine them to the most functional levels for construction work needs. Two machines that he has created are the Rail Hoist and the Aqua Bore- both offer innovative methods of the trade to his colleagues, and the construction industry.

Webber is an entrepreneur who came to Invent@NMU with finished products, looking to build a market presence for the Aqua Bore. He had felt that marketing might not be his strongest skill compared to construction, but knew he needed to gain awareness for his business. After receiving a referral to work with Invent, Webber found the student team to be an insightful resource for gathering information about the specific market, developing social media, and creating promotional materials. Invent’s project managers were tasked with researching soil strata levels in the United States to locate the best potential markets for the Aqua Bore. States that have the most strata encourage the use of mud drilling for installing wells- these are areas that will heavily benefit from his invention. This research allowed for Invent’s project managers to discover a market opportunity for Webber’s machines in southern states, and have further assisted his business by sending materials to companies in this region that will help connect him with his target audience.