Meet Our Alumni

Samantha Cretens, B.S. of Business Management '17

Current Role

Customer Success Manager; VelocityEHS

Job Responsibilities

Managing a portfolio of enterprise clients throughout the post sales lifecycle, promoting client engagement in the VelocityEHS SaaS product, trailblazing the lifecycle management of the customers of a specific software of ours and managing the office ergonomics platform throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experience Working at Invent@NMU

Position at Invent@NMU

Project Manager

Memorable Experiences

Trying to get the Friday crew to listen to One Direction (they never would 🙁 )

Invent@NMU Impact

Real-world Client Experience

Invent@NMU provided exceptional real world experience not provided in the classroom setting. As someone who now works in client interactions, the ability to facilitate connections with clients in school put myself at an advantage among my peers. The experience also helped promote the growth of confidence going into my career.

Advice to Current NMU Students

Your experience at school is what you make of it. What I mean is that you have all of the resources in front of you to succeed. However, you have to be the one to take initiative. Get involved where you can and get experience for your career wherever possible. You should be having fun and making memories. But, remember what you are there for. Decisions you make now will impact the first few years out of school into your career.