Meet the Invent@NMU team. Composed of top Northern Michigan University students and Marquette business professionals, our team is equipped with the skills and resources to take your idea to the next level. 

Innovate Marquette SmartZone
Management Team

Joseph Thiel

Executive Director

Paulette Perttunen

Director of Operations & Finance

Dave Kronberg

Director of Entrepreneurial Outreach & Services

Aubry Healy

Marketing Manager

Kristin Johnson

Programs Manager

Lindsey Dameworth

Operations & Finance Manager

Taylor Warren

Entrepreneurial Outreach & Services Coordinator

Eric Prue

Design Coordinator

Student Photographers
& Videographers

Dustin Burkman

Photographer & Videographer

Ryan Boos


Student Marketing Assistants

Vaughn Rodriguez

Senior Marketing Assistant

Sarah Gimpl

Marketing Assistant

Lewis Goff

Marketing Assistant

Student Graphic Designers

Kyleigh McCarthy

Graphic Designer

Ethan MacNeil

Graphic Designer

Student Mechanical Engineers
& Industrial Designers

Lauren Call

Human Centered Designer

Student Project Managers

Henry Westlind

Project Manager

Kate Pouliot

Project Manager

Pilar Perello

Project Manager

Austin Niemi

Project Manager

Nicole Oppermann

Project Manager

Lane Whitcomb

Project Manager Intern

Our Remote Coworkers

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