Meet Kyleigh McCarthy

As a recent graduate of Northern Michigan University (NMU), Kyleigh has been a dedicated graphic design student in the Art Department. She has been able to share her skills with the Invent@NMU and Innovate Marquette teams, creating customized designs paired with her impeccable taste and work ethic

Kyleigh is the mastermind behind countless marketing materials, event promotion, and social media campaigns that have been used all over Marquette and beyond. She uses her skills to mentor other graphic designers coming into the program to give them the same experience she had at Invent@NMU. We caught up with Kyleigh before graduation to learn about her time at Invent@NMU.

When did your interest in design begin?​

In my freshman year I was in a degree I wasn’t happy with. I really weighed my options and felt that going into Graphic Design fit me best. I didn’t have any background knowledge of the design world and really threw myself in, and my love for design grew from there. 

Did working at Invent help you feel prepared for graduation? If so, how?

Working at Invent has helped me prepare for graduation by equipping me with all the tools I need to be able to successfully talk with clients. I have been able to grow my portfolio so much outside of the classroom and have been able to work on a wide variety of projects. 

Did working as a graphic designer assist in the acceleration of your courses in school?

Yes, being a graphic designer here at Invent really prepped me to be able to take feedback and apply it, handle tight deadlines, and be able to verbally express my ideas and processes. 

What lessons will you take with you post-graduation throughout your work at Invent?

That although situations may feel overwhelming and scary, the only way you can grow is by throwing yourself in and believing in yourself. 

What advice would you give to students studying graphic design?

Really take the time to work outside of the classroom, research trends and new ideas, and develop those into your work. Imposter syndrome is real but you know your skills and where you thrive. 

How do you get inspired for projects? 

I really enjoy searching around on websites like Dribble or Behance. I also really enjoy looking at colors palette and fonts!

What was one challenge you overcame through your work and one notable accomplishment? 

Being able to take feedback on work when you’re really proud of it sometimes can feel personal but it never is, so being able to overcome that attachment to my work and take new ideas and implement them to get to the end goal is a really strong skill to develop. One notable accomplishment would be being the Senior Student Graphic Designer; I worked really hard to be able to be in a leadership position like that!




What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on during your time at Invent?

Being able to work on Women in Entrepreneurship was such a great experience. Having such a wide variety of work makes it hard to choose a favorite!


Turning A New Leaf 

Kyleigh is making a move to a new city but arriving with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and professionalism needed to excel in her craft. We are so proud of her accomplishments and hard work these past couple of years and can’t wait to see where else she leaves her mark. Kyleigh may not be in our office anymore, but always on Zoom! 

About Sarah Gimpl: Originally from Minnesota, Sarah is a Senior at NMU studying Environmental Studies & Sustainability and Art & Design. She has worked at Invent as a marketing assistant since her freshman year. 

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